Thursday, June 2, 2011

Petrol blow-ups

Today when I sprinted downstairs from my room for morning tea, the first thing my momma spoke wasn’t ‘Good morning’, instead it was ‘ Petrol rate again hiked by 2 rupees ’. After this, even the tea with extra milk and sugar tasted like broccoli soup prepared for any diabetic’s patient. The hell broke loose on my monthly saving plan that was made after cudgeling my brain for 2 long sleepless hours. I was the worst ordeal my pocket ever faced. Just a few days back it was hiked by 5 rupees per liter of petrol. Now again 2 rupees !!! This 2 bucks seems just worthless when thought individually but when it comes to pay at petrol pump, the actual value of this penny is realized.

10 years if we try to remember ( actually I can’t remember as I didn’t have anything to do with petrol that time . So I just took help of different reports from google) , we can actually realize how the price of petrol has actually thrived gradually surmounting across small hops of 2 to 5 rupees than any other commodities( yeah! Actually for a travel lover like me, petrol is counted as a commodity).

So what will happen after a leap of 10 years from now. On this ravishing topic I got knolled by some demented perception in my brain. Here is the some quirky presumptions:

1. One will have to fill up a 3-page application in order to buy petrol and have to pay in advance and then wait for it with hand in hand.

2. People will be seen in temples begging God for easy available of petrol and keep fast, conducting pujas for it.

3. Different babas (hermits) will be sprouted everywhere named ‘ Petrol Baba’ with power to detect the petrol underground with closed eyes.

4. Shahrukh Khan will be seen with his daughter endorsing petrol by filling at petrol pumps wearing those blue and orange and still then girls going vaporous over his ‘….petrol ’ dialog.

5. Bollywood films will be released based on stories about petrols named ‘petrol kam’ where Amitabh Bachan will be starred with 16 year old Brazilian lass.

6. Girlfriend will demand for petrol barrels instead of expensive gifts and jewelry.

7. Ghost stories will abound where the petrol desperate spirit will be pestering all who has petrol.

8. Vehicles on petrol will become a sign of ruling elites of society.

9. There will be theft and dowry cases lodged for petrol theft.

10. Properties in Venezuela will be the main target of movie stars and politicians. ( The petrol price is cheapest there)

P.S: As I have neither travelled neither time nor a foreteller. It is just a work of pure assumption with a tadka of sarcasm to the situation.So the work should be purely meant for fun.

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