Thursday, April 25, 2013

My First Award! :D

I'm a procrastinator. There is no doubt in it. Still this time my laziness is nowhere to be blamed. I've been bit busy for my final sem project work. For that I'm bit lagging behind and I'm really sorry for it.
As it is my first award you can understand how happy I'm. The day I got to know about it, I couldn't believe. This was something pinned in my wishlist from a long time. The whole day I was roaming with a big grin(even some asked Are you okay?)
So it's like...umm...unexplainable. My joy has no bound.
 Now it's time for rules to be followed:                            
                                                                                     1. Thank the blogger who has nominated you – Thank you Supriya. Thanks a lot for this bestow.
2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
§  Three things that define are- Faith, courage and optimism.
§  I love books. They are my constant companions. Sometimes I wish to be banished to some place with loads of books and food and no one to disturb my sanity. *I really mean it*
§  I am very possessive about my space. Be it my dark mental space or my room. No one is ever allowed without my permission. And it irks me when others try to infiltrate into it. I always need my freedom.
§  I addicted to my morning mug of tea. No matter what happens, it is the first thing I need in the morning. A big mug if steaming tea with lots of sugar and cream. Yummy!  
§  There three kind of people I hate- narcissistic braggarts, backstabbers and the ones who don’t know how to treat women. No! I’m no feminist. I do equally stand for people who are victims of some injustice.
§  I’m a big time dreamer. I do dream a lot, day & night and sometimes work towards it too. I believe dream is the first step of any success.
§   I’m a fitness freak yet I’m a great foodie. I eat everything that comes as food unless they are cooked in dirty places. (junk foods exceptions though)And I have a large monstrous sweet-tooth that I cleverly hide from all. ;)
§  Appreciation is something I can never get enough of. I have a big insatiable appetite for all the appreciation, pampering and indulgent. (See! Now every time you visit my blog, leave some good comments.)
§  I believe there is no age limit for learning. And I learn from my mistake and still learning.
§  There are two stationary things that I’m mad about- good perfumes and dazzling heels. Ah! They are my fantasy.
§   And final one, Eccentric Tomboy- that’s what people call me. But from everyone’s eye, I’m hiding a soft girly heart inside me. *true confession*

3. Answer the questions the blogger has asked you in the post you have been nominated.
·                     Why did you start blogging? 
            There was a time when I was highly frustrated with myself. I wanted to pour out all my words and ventilate my emotions with it. I randomly registered a blog space around two years ago but then I had no idea what to write. It laid there indolently for more than a year. Now it’s been just three months that I took blogging seriously.
·                     You are getting an all expenses paid trip for two to a place of your choice? Where will it be and with whom? 
             Don’t know! I’ll decide when I get that offer! I think it will be something like isolated islands- marvellously exotic and lapped in nature.            
With my mom or if by then I have a boyfriend, then with him.
·                     Dog or cat? And why? 
           Dog! They give you security with selfless affection. And I’m a dog lover too. I trust them more than human.
·                     Half a million dollars for slogging for 6 months year or a week’s peace on the beaches of Bahamas? 
          Slogging for 6 months sounds pathetic but half a million dollars is no less than an endless holiday! I’ll think that I’m having some internship under some retard cynical boss for a while!
·                     What is your deepest fear? 
           To get emotionally exploited!
·                     How did you propose your girl/guy? Or how you plan to do so? 
           I need him to propose. I can’t do it no matter what happens. I’m very shy in this matter.
·                     One ‘Ctrl + Z’ moment of your life? Something you want to undo if you had a choice?
           There are many. But I consider them as lessons.
·                     Who is the most ‘marriage-able’ celebrity? 
           Robert Pattinson (undoubtedly!). I mean he is so gentle, caring, loving and generous. I can’t never get enough of it. And after that he pardoned Kristen for bitching, my respect for him doubled up.(also the crave to get him!)
·                     One thing that can take you to the ultimate heights of fame? 
          Faith! You need to have faith on yourself and on your talent.
·                     Do you follow any sports, team, club or a person? Why this love started? 
           I’m a die-hard Twilight fan. So follow everything that is related to Twilight.
·                     Did you like coming to this blog? And will you visit again?
            Actually I didn’t much. You know that I didn’t know you before. Sorry! But from now you will have my frequent visits to your blog.

4. Nominate new bloggers. 


  1. Congratulations dear!!!!

    Loved knowing you a bit more :)

  2. Dear Eccentric Tomboy,
    Congratulations on the award.
    I hope you get more in the days to come.

    And wait? You are shy ? I don't believe that. :P

    1. Thank you AK. Yeah!I'm bit shy when it comes to those things. I can do anything and stand before thousands but for proposal I want it to be in classic and bit confidential way. Too girly..he he he..! :)

  3. Congratulations! :)

    Thanks a lot for passing it to me :))

    It was nice to know about you..

  4. Hey Congratulations Namrata! :)

    Feels extra-nice no? :D
    To me too! Thankyou! This is my 4th Liebster Blog award in the last two weeks!!!

    It was fun knowing about you.

    God bless!

    1. Thank you Shristi....yeah it feels very's my first have started to dream about more. :):D:)
      And the award, you deserved it...:)

  5. I applaud your efforts to put up your feelings into a blog. Very few do that in practice. I express my gratitude for being a silent inspiration for me to write blogs of my own(You will always remain distinctive). You deserve the credit for arousing my intuition and to put up my psyche into something productive. Lastly, Thanks a zillion for the award!

    # Its Aditya not Aaditya.

  6. I'm truly sorry for misspelling your name, Aditya. As you can see how late it was while posting it and I was literally drooling over the keyboard, begging at the antagonistic net to work from thwarting. I should have checked it before but I didn't. Sorry. :)

    And I'm really glad that I could be useful for anyone though I found very little of what they call INSPIRATIONAL in me! Still I hope you keep writing like this without having to fall back. :)

    You deserved this award. Really for keep writing and informing us with new techs! :)

  7. Congratulations.
    You seem like a very interesting person!

    1. Hey PA(Purple Assassin! Hope you don't mind as I nicknamed it)! Welcome to my blog! I'm happy that you found time for it.
      And thanks! I'm glad that you found something interesting me as I'm still in search it! LOL!

  8. Congratulations Namrata!
    "dream is the first step of any success" Very well said!
    Good to know you and to read your candid answers:)

    1. Hey Tarang! Both Happy and Surprised to see you! You took time out to read my blog, I'm very glad. Thank You!
      Thank you for liking my answers. :)


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