Saturday, April 13, 2013

Still You

Clenching claws and spinous beak,
Circling sky at the peak,
Incisive sight and strong wings,
I feast on the dead meats,
Still you love same as to others,
Doesn’t my fierceness ever bother.

On burning earth I do thrive,
On fleshy green, thorns I hide,
Useless, unwanted and feeble,
As I do none than hurting people,
Still you protect me same as to all
Through summer, rain, winter and fall.

Nights are my days,
Days are there to pay,
I sell pleasure in flesh,
Offering illicit, hateful bliss,
Still you revere the loathing side,
Which others look at despise.

With poison on my spiky head,
I lie and slide on my breast,
Single sights steal away their breath,
They call me as ferry of death,
Still you cared not letting me wither,
Giving me cold skin, teaching to slither.

P.S: Some name it as God, some say it Nature and some believes it to be a mass of immeasurable energy. Whatever it is, all I find is unconditional and unwavering love and care.


  1. Whoa, Wow.
    Superb. Awesome. Beautiful.

    How? I mean how do you write this? Preach us, Ma'am.

  2. Thank u..Thank u..AK.
    And preaching..huh..I don't have enough patience or intelligence for that. It's just simple observation.

  3. BEautiful poetry..:) lovely..:0
    keep writing..:)

  4. Replies
    1. It's really nice to see you appreciating this simple work. Happy that you liked it. :)


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