Thursday, November 15, 2012


This morning tiredly woke up
to a deaf devastated day
fiery pots cracked up
scrapes splintered everywhere

Burnt air whooshing in lane
Heavily breathing down
Farther greenery leaning wane
Melancholy bowing crown

Mankind lost in laughter
Busy in cuddling itself
Cries are left unheard
Scruples blindfolded

Is it the truth of celebration
Devoting wealth and shine
Or just a simple exaggeration
Entertaining our weak mind....Give it a thought...

Monday, May 7, 2012


Hey friendz.. it's been a long time that I'm missed from this blogging spot. Actually my mind left unaccompanied of any ideas. So with some advices of blog-doctors I took it out on jogging and in the middle it stomped over something and voila ! It started blogging again.

   This time credit goes to Mr.Perfectionist of Bollywood for fueling my thinking engine. At least now you may have guessed who I am talking about. And the suspense remains about what. Today Aamir Khan, the perfectionist debuted into the small screen with a bang at everyone's head through his show "Satyameba Jayate". As expected it was beyond all the expectation. The thing that put lock to every chatter box was the topic of his first  episode, "girl feticide" or in simple words killing the fetus who are supposed to be girl before their birth.

 As review is concerned there were three victims and some other convincing and provocative clips were presented on the show from different parts of the country. The first victim, a lady who was forced to abort her child for 8 times in 6 years until she forcefully went against her in-laws to have her daughter and later she was blackmailed to sign on the divorce paper on the stake of her daughter's life. The second victim, a housewife of daily-worker who was brutally attacked by her husband for having two girl children. Her husband had scraped her face with his teeth into pieces of flesh. Third and the most interesting one is a highly educated and elite class wife of a orthopedic surgeon and daughter-in-law of professor was forced to abort her twin-babies. And when she was tortured to hell and kicked from second floor of the building and thought of suicide, her parents came to their rescue. At the 31st week of her pregnancy she gave birth to two underweight twin babies. In such critical condition her mother-in-law had wished the ferries of death for those newborns. After 72 sleepless nights of caressing them alone, the mother decided to return to her parents house. Even at the goodbye moment her mother-in-law was grisly enough to kick newborn baby blanketed into a carrying cot from the stairs. The cushions of blanket somehow saved that baby .

When two journalist of Rajasthan tried to reveal the aristocratic faces of doctors behind this savage act, instead of the doctors they were arrested. Not a wonder in our judicial. The doctors still practicing as before and happily getting their share for brutality.  

It seems a simple problem. Right? You all must be thinking at this moment it doesn't happen in our house. So why to worry. Or may be like I've boys without any abortion or problem. So why to worry who killed girl fetus. But till now every year around ten lakh babies are crushed on the abortion table . That's not a figure found in Govt. records. Rather something happens in real around us. Ten lakhs babies... not only girls but some boy's fetus who were been killed with fake report for earning more money. Surprised ! Isn't so ! If you think it's not your problem then you are the frog under the deep stone well unaware of the outside wall. If not directly then indirectly all are connected. What will you do when your over-aged son is still wandering alone ??? Due to horrible ratio of 914 girls to 1000 boys has started effecting from now. The cases of murder, rape, gang rape, man trafficking, prostitution has hiked in the past decade to a threatening point. Boys unable to find a partner for life get mentally depressed and are compelled into wrong ways. After a few year like this, the may be a sudden change in the trend like boys carrying dowry to the in-laws instead of the girls.

I saw some people sighing in disbelief and snobbing. Even Aamir khan was seen tapping the tears from his eyes. I respect their emotion. Even somewhere I turned to that point. But is it enough to watch the show, feel overwhelmed, clap till you hear your own echo, like it in facebook, leave good comments and feedbacks, keeping the show's title song as caller-tone, raving about it in every party you are planning to attend ? Enough to stop the demonic process in our system. Is it enough for the sacrifices of the innocent souls? Enough justice for the mother who damped their most beautiful part? There are many questions pervasive in the society. And the answer lies in you only. We are the power. If we aren't strong enough then it's likely to be attacked by others.

 If torturing someone is a considerable crime then bearing them in silence is a far severe crime. Never ever try to suppress the pain of being victim of violence with the excuse of family or children. Gain the courage, make your own path and fight against the odd. You take the first step, many will accompany you afterwards.   And for that the most basic thing needed is education. I plead to you all, please kindly spread this awareness. Education is an inevitable part of human being, whether a girl or a boy. Education is the ultimate enlightenment. And education doesn't mean the certificates only. Rather they need to be morally rooted from the beginning.
 I'm not feminist or racist. But a tiny part of the society which is on it's way of destruction.Please stop this crime. Let the girls live. They won't disappoint you ever. EVER.

Monday, April 2, 2012


                                                                             courtesy- Google

      On the wide white of canvas
      With soft pink of smile
      And the endless black of emptiness
      Yellow of hopes striking for miles

      Rich green of victory
      Grey shades of loss
      Blend-in blue of royalty
      Melting red of unconditional love

      I captured at last
      Through the memory-lane I pass
      You as an iridescent part
      On my empty canvas

Tuesday, March 20, 2012



Early morning, wake up early
See the other, sleeping you beside
Smudged in pillow, bedraggled
Still a feeling reigned

Hot sun blowing air,searing with pain
Suddenly  reaches out there
The hand of love and care
All over the sky clouds again

A touch so gentle over shoulder
Feels warm and light
Dancing in others arm
Draws a perfect sight 

Beating day, out of blue
Shouting at the other with no clue
One comes there, sit besides
Wiping the tears falling apart

Catching the drops free from sky
Knowingly don't know why
Instead to say 'come inside'
hands hold hands to fly

Feeling hard, breathing tight
Oh! it's death,might be
Still into each other
Seems so abide, 
makes a sense,
that's just 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

catching fire in the rain...:(

Catching fire in the rain
of promises broken
crying out loud and louder
beseeching you in air frozen
I'm crawling down baby
calling out your name
you appear moseying lazy
distance remained the same

Stretching out hands to you
I begged to take me out
with piercing gaze and a sinister smile
you cut me more apart

It's scalding, it's searing
every inch of my skin
but your betrayal burnt it
more than just skin deep

Fire grew up devilishly
around, growling at me
I was it's hapless victim
it viciously devouring me

You stood there watching
and I shrilling out in pain
till drop by drop all blood
dried out of my vain....