Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Embrace It!

Full of up and down,
That’s what life is on average,
Sometimes you’re the king, sometimes clown,
You’re the curtain raiser of the stage.

It’s your strength, your flaws,
All yours to decide,
No one else to label on your jaw,
Or any namesake to append otherwise.

Hold together darlings,
Say to your dear teddy,
That the sky is our limit,
Not going to stop between.

We are sisters,
Bonded over grief, out of denial,
No one can break it,
No matter how much they try.

Often it happens in our life that we let others step in and let them label us. They label us cute, loving, caring, beautiful, brilliant, vibrant etcetera. But these are the labels that we love to flaunt on ourselves along with hearts and stars. 

Yet this is the dewy part of the story. And unfortunately most of the cases are not these. Most of the time people step in far beyond they should and they call you different names like crazy, stupid, dumbass, loser, cynical, bitch, slut whatever else. Whatever that you wouldn’t want to be labeled as. And we let them do this also. 

But question comes WHY? Why do we allow them, why do we take a back seat and let them handle our life as if it’s some public issue to comment upon? Who are they? Who are they to hurt your emotions? Who are they to judge upon you? Who are they to make you feel low? To take you granted? They are just nobody. If they were somebody then they would have never hurt you this way.

The most important love in this world is love for yourself. Until you have don’t love yourself, you can’t love others. You will be a caged bird. A caged bird who sings, entertains others but inside itself it’s full of pain and scars. Do you want to be the caged bird? No? Then darling, learn to know, love and embrace whatever you are.

I learnt this after a long battle of dignity, after losing myself again and again, after that the space inside me which deserves to be filled with love, instead it was filled with dejection and projection. They were no body to tell me what to do or what not. They were not my parents, hence had no right. Do hell! It’s me who allowed them. My fault.

I should have stopped them and showed the exit. For which I have suffered enough. So my dear friend, hold on a while, and think are you labeled the way you don’t want to be? Think that is there anyone who has interfered more in your life than they should have? Are there any weeds around you? Their Then tell them that the show is over, they can get the coats to home. Because life is precious. You are precious, friend.

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