Thursday, April 2, 2015

B for...Bravery

It was not easy for her, no at all usual. Girls don’t answer back on face, that’s what she was brought upon. Girls are not meant to stand tall and look into the eyes, that’s what she was taught since beginning. But whenever those boys tailed around her, passing ugly comments shamelessly, she used to forget all those lessons that her parents had knotted inside her mind. She used to go blank out of rage momentarily. But never reply back. She would cry every night, muffling her face in the pillow. How long would this go on? How many more years? How many more girls will be dragged naked? How many lives will be spoiled in the circle of pain, regret and revenge? Lots of question, no answer.

But today every boundary was crushed. As usual she was going for her college when one boy had gripped a corner of her dupatta while she was crossing the road. In a flicker of anger, she turned around and her hand flung in air, landed in a tight slap on the boys face. Everything froze around her.

She stood firm there, reaching to his eyes with hers.

“Don’t you dare.” She repeated tight lipped. “Don’t you dare to ever come before or else..”

“Aaaee.. you don’t know what we are...” One of the boy from the group came speedily towards but stopped when her burning eyes turned to him.

“What are you? Who are you? What will you do? Will you kidnap me? Will you rape me? Will you burn me with acid? Will you sell my flesh? You dirty spineless from gutter. Have you ever seen yourself? Even you mother is ashamed that she fed you on her breast. What else can you do? What else? Show me.” She stepped forward, not moving her forceful glare. “Come. Show me what you got.”

Drops of sweat had started to dot on the boy’s face. She laughed hard and loud as if it was a manifestation to everyone.

“You can’t do anything. You are those limbless poor creature rolling over dirt. Go home.” She spitted on ground and turned back, walking in the way she was two minutes back.
For the first minute in her life she felt secured, she had felt protected. She didn’t want anyone else then. More than anyone’s protect she needed her self confidence. A little bravery was all needed. She wished she done this before. It came late, but she was happy that it came. Bravery.



  1. Now that's a girl with some courage on her!

  2. I congratulate the protagonist in your story.

    Assertiveness always pays. The test is: if anything you say or do, increases your self-respect, it was assertive. All that is needed is "a little bravery" as you say.

    1. Yes sir. I totally believe in it. I have felt in my life.

  3. Hats off to the protagonist! Loved your writing Namrata :)


  4. Beautiful message in your post. Its high time that every girl shows that kind of courage.

  5. We need more like her :) What a brave girl. Good one, Namrata :)

  6. a good message namrata....standing up for oneself is what all girls need to do......i recently wrote a poem which too has a similar message.....if you can read and understand hindi, do visit my blog to read it.....B is to be brave......really good one.....


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