Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wine Bottle And The Scavenger

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This poem is a salute to all the women who have come forward, leaving behind the darkest memories and also all the women who held their hand in this journey in form of mother, sister, daughter, friend or a well-wisher. 

I, discarded, polluted, unwanted,
They held me in their clutches,
Chewed on my flesh,
Sucked the love out,
Patches etched of their nibbles,
And left on the gravel.

I, emptied, burnt, ruined,
Rolling from here to there,
Under the polished shoes,
What the use of an empty bottle,
After the wine is consumed.

And you just happened by,
In a hopeless noon,
You held me in your long hand,
Eyed me with curious gaze,
As if I am a piece of moon.

The sun was moving west,
And you were a scavenger,
But you didn't put me into dirt,
Instead took me home,
And turned me into art.

Those tickling strokes of brushes,
You painted me in red and blue,
Dipped in bright colors,
I was afraid of the darkness,
You blew me few breathes anew.

You put in your fireplace,
Placed a bunch of rose,
And stared at me amused,
While I glintered shyly,
More than any of your showpiece.


Dear men,

You have asking us from years that what is that we women need. I can see it has driven you in such a way to the brink of frustration that you are losing you hair in patches and you babble in you sleep. I think it's time that we should come forward and have a one-to-one conversation. Here I have tried a tad bit to appease your curiosity and return you back your sleep.

We don't need your protection,
We need your support.

We don't need your shelter,
We need your respect.

We don't need your sympathy,
We need your love.

Can you give us just this much? Than any beach holiday or diamond necklace this will give us more pleasure. On the eve of women's day can you just promise your lady this much?

Yours truly,
A woman.

PSS: This might be illegal to talk about Something that is banned by govt. yet I would. Because I give shit about what govt. is going to do. May be this blog space will be shut down. What more??? But I need to speak out and I will.

Two days back I watched the documentary based on Nirbhaya case. I curiously, patiently and attentively watched the hour long video. And finally concluded that it's our fault. It's undoubtedly our fault. The way we have moulded our society with prejudices, this is where we are now. A rapist is defining our girls shamelessly. When that culprit dared to speak that the girls from good household don't roam around at night with boys and it's justified what they did and that was to teach lesson to other girls, his tongue should have been pulled out and his balls castracted with acid right away. How dared he to even open his filthy mouth. Who the rats ass he is to define guidelines of good girl? Rot you moron, you psycho. Come before me once and I will show you what you deserve. I challenge you scumbag. Accept it and prove your manhood.


  1. Thank you for sharing these common feelings among women, feelings that make us strong as well as sad at the same time. For the longest time, men were taught to be only rough and tough. They were told that tenderness and warmth were not a sign of being a total male and as a result they were afraid of showing a good side because it was considered to be a weakness. Hopefully the younger generation of men did not pick up that attitude and things will improve for men.

    1. I also hope so Munir that y-gen will bit different. Thanks for understanding. :)

  2. That horrific gang rape...just speechless...and that justification to "teach a lesson"! I hope that people and women like you keep speaking out and that change comes. I especially like those first two stanzas. Very strong, Namrata!

    1. That's true Jenny. Even if I try not project a negative image of India, I couldn't avoid the truth. This is the only place in world where women are both loved, devoted, cherished and raped too.

  3. It is a sad commentary on Indian ethos that Mukesh Singh's outburst in the documentary 'India's Daughter' represents the view of many men even now. The Defence advocate's arguments are no different. Bar Council of India has issued a Show-Cause Notice to him.

    You have poignantly poured out feeling in the heart of women in India; women need support, respect and love from men, not protection, shelter and sympathy.

    1. Thanks sir. Nice to hear such words from a man. :)

  4. THE POEM WAS FANTASTIC...But the last two paragraphs of this post made me want to hug you so tight!
    We hear you sister! I watched the documentary too and believe me, I wanted to castrate the two lawyers.. Also, this dude is already on the death row and still shows no remorse. Makes you wonder if death is the worst that we could provide them?

    1. Aww Red! Hug you too. Believe me. After watching the documentary I cried in alone. I don't know why I did. The tears were out of sympathy or anger or remorse or hatred. But they were there nonetheless.

  5. Loved the poem..
    BUT the world would be such a lovely place if we treat each other as humans.. rather than a woman or a man etc etc ..

    I am going to watch that video today as got it downloaded , I have heard a lot about it .. I dont know what to say


  6. poem was absolutely amazing! haven't seen the video yet. truth be told I dont want to waste my time listening to or getting an insight to the mind of a rapist.

  7. The poem was hauntingly amazing! Loved it and well I liked the PS at the end, each word resonated with me, what I felt.

  8. All hail to the amazing creatures called women. :)

  9. A master piece! Your poem is a wonderful representation of countless women’s anxious, anger and pain. No one can seek justice for that incident and numerous happening everyday... I think when we feel the society is unsafe, its better go out with protection or be cautious. No doubt that a change is needed, were both men and women (including the other) going hand in hand with due.

  10. This is stunning! your poem is so apt and vivid.
    Moreover its touching to see the courage. If we all thought and made an effort our society would be more different than rapists defining us. Men need to stop thinking themselves as superior and its our fault at times we let them believe the illusion.
    Way to go. immense respect :)

    1. Thanks Toobs for stopping by. We really need to come up instead of fighting with each other and fight with the epidemic rusting our society.


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