Thursday, July 11, 2013

Deathly Living

I know what it feels to be dead,
I know what it feels to be sad,
Feels like you should never be born,
When for you everyone has left.

No more I like the light,
How ghostly be the sight,
No soft feelings, no sensual senses,
Have drained that vessel of pride.

Crawling around like a leech,
Living on the acidic bleach,
Macerating blanched veins and limbs,
Consuming the seething frizz.

Not a word that I utter,
In endeavor to pronounce better,
Finally lost is my voice,
Closed with ineffable shutter.

I don’t see any morning,
Or hope of night’s turning,
It seems to be the end,
Where death is the most cunning.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Sunday From HYDERABAD!

It's been a very long time that I have become irregular in blogger. Actually I shifted to HYDERABAD and till  now my mind is not in it's place. It's been all totally jumbled and I don't know everything will fall into right place. Or it will ever, I am seriously doubtful.

The city is new. So I won't rant much about it. I know I have to be really patient before having any notion in my mind. But there are something I really miss and desperate about. The first thing is internet connection. I don't till when I will have to do all my works from this restricted cafe cubicle. The chair pads are torn and by now it has started to hurt my rib and back.

Secondly, the food. I am a real foodie. I eat like a horse. Yes! I love food and more than that I love to cook. Here though the hostel food sucks. Rice feels stick like and unchewable and chappatis come with big black holes that are impossible to tear and still the hostel-mates I talked to they say the food here is lot better than other hostels!! Hell!! I really miss the food at home, the soft rice and blown rotis. Though we get good food from outside, but I miss cooking the most. Yesterday I went to Big Bazaar and spent around one hour in the spices and cheese counter, admiring all of them.

Third is The miss my city the most. Each path, lane and turn all etched on my heart. I miss them all. I miss the parking center. I miss the B.P park. I miss the lines of shops. I miss the temples.I miss the stranger who met me frequently still remained stranger. I missed dark places we were afraid to go late in light. I miss the sea beach. I miss campus. I miss riding my Pleasure (Oh!!! I really really miss it.). Still I have to stay here. I can't say stuck as that will weaken me.

But I have started to accept the city. I have started to get adapt with the climate and water (Thankfully! It's been cloudy since we moved to here or else living on the third floor would same as living in hell!). I am learning about the road and new areas. Everyday I get to meet new people. But most of the people here look sulking or drained of energy. Even after having food. Don't know why!!!

And the best thing is we have lots and lots of green trees in the colony. Through out the day I keep looking at them from my room. I love the climate in the morning. Right now it's calm but can't say about further.

Finally I would say the moving on was good but really baffling. And also a person like me, hostel life is getting slowly into vein as it's the very first I have stayed in any hostel. But it's good and getting better gradually.

P.S: I would still call it a nonsensical babbling... and promise come back with something better next time.