Friday, February 20, 2015


They don't say
Just whisper aloud
With heaps of 'oh God' 'oh Lord'
Over my shoulder
That it's sad to see me in black
All alone in the wanderer
Being alone, left behind
To stuggle
To mourne
To cry
Refrained from the excite
Trying to make the ends meet.

I offer them my smile
A customized widowed one
Where lips are moulded to a line
A pretty shroud to my delight
What will they understand
I was already buried inside
Knees folded to chin I have cried
In the stench of sour alcohol
In the crankle of profanity
Everyday lil' more terrified.

Now that, has arrived solitude
Like lost kite from childhood
With forgotten dreams
A wipe to endless grief
Celebrate it
Enjoy it
Embrace it
The pleasure of solitude to reap.

This post is for poetry jam. It's an wonderful site giving weekly poetryhere prompt. You can visit them here.

PS: Thank heavens! It took me two whole damn days to put that pic above. Without the post would be incomplete.