Monday, June 17, 2013

Post Father’s Day Post

Hey ya buddies! Hope you all are doing fine. At least you are spared of reading my sucking posts for a while. But I’m back!!! Whooo…and this time you can see I am abducted by a witchy spirit called Jhingoolaa. From now all the madness you see or all weird thing you stumble into, please take it as the evil acts of Jhingoolaa and pardon me as I have no control over it.
Fun aside, I actually kind of got tangled in my busiest-schedule and couldn’t come and wish you all HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. I guess it’s never late to wish and clap for those handsome heroes of our life as the saying goes once a hero is always a hero. You never heard it??? Well! Creativity is also something yaar! How many days will you keep repeating those 6th grade proverbs. We need to get the store revamped and add some new more spunky and sharp. Like if fruits were juicy and sweet then why any duffer would go on spending hundred bucks on Real Fruits. Once upon a time beauty used to lie in eyes, now it lies in perfect makeup. Not so funny??? Sorry. *whispers* Jhingoolaa’s effect.*
I am never a fan of these special days as they leave me confused and my pocket with a big hole. So without any pretense or effort I easily forget these days. But this year, Father’s day was secretly special for me. On this day I found answer to a long-driven questing that constantly kept kicking me off from sleep. Let me explain the whole detail before going to the question.
Literally, after scanning the whole clan of mine, all the four generations, I found that I am the only one with a bone of creativity in me. Except me, all are like, What does she do?? She writes? Poems?? Stories?? So what? Even my pet can tell story..that also without words.
Now you can see there is no respect for ARTS or CREATIVITY! Everyone is just worry of what degree does she hold?? Engineer? Why didn’t you send her for Medicines. She is intelligent. How much she is targeting to earn? And the worst one is what one of my Aunt(paternal) said indicating my Mom, As soon as my daughter gets 20, I  will take her to Mumbai to my relatives and thrash her into Marriage. Thankfully I wasn’t there while she told this dialogue, or else..Maa Kassam..she would have got the perfect answer for it. Damn! I still don’t get it. Will her daughter be so infamous by 20 that she would have to send her to Mumbai for marriage? And Mumbai is what? A city to get married. Sucking!
Let’s get to the point. So my question remained unraveled that who is the one to gift me the gene of creativity-in-languages. Finally I got the answer. That also on Father’s Day. And guess who? My Father.
I didn’t know until yesterday, while we were watching T.V. together (we rarely spend time together and rarest is when my father is not in a sulking mood!), on an occasion there came some random moment where he sarcastically made a song instantly. And I was there like Awwwww..who is singing!! Jhingoolaa effect??
Jokes apart, to be genuine, my father has always been the foundation of my language. If now I am here, writing this, you are reading this and showering with precious comments, it’s all due to him. It’s good or bad, I don’t know but I am always grateful to him for all the time he sat near me with a big bamboo stick and told me the difference between prepositions, who taught me how to form correct official letters and how to speak without being taut. Still he keeps correct now and then and scolds me on my mistakes. He is seriously a genius. No matter how much I learn, he knows something more and better than me.
No! I won’t be emotional here as these I am crying a lot in different places, like bathroom, under bed…So here my long, drawling post is over. Have a nice evening fellas. Enjoy the life. And don’t forget to tell your father “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, DAD”.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Mirror

This is that mirror,
To all vividly reflecting,
After leaving this body,
You have caught me in.

Tears in your eyes,
Streaming down my cheeks,
Google Image
Wry smiles on your face,
Touching to my lips.

You put a hand forth,
I mirror the same,
Touching you at the tips,
Myriads of pleasure I get.

It’s hurting to see,
You breaking like coal,
I crave to step out,
Wing you in my soul.

Like ages will pass,
I’ll stay inside,
Till you speak that,

Loving final goodbye.