Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Mirror

This is that mirror,
To all vividly reflecting,
After leaving this body,
You have caught me in.

Tears in your eyes,
Streaming down my cheeks,
Google Image
Wry smiles on your face,
Touching to my lips.

You put a hand forth,
I mirror the same,
Touching you at the tips,
Myriads of pleasure I get.

It’s hurting to see,
You breaking like coal,
I crave to step out,
Wing you in my soul.

Like ages will pass,
I’ll stay inside,
Till you speak that,

Loving final goodbye.


  1. Poignant and very profound! :)

    1. Thank you Rachit! I am glad you found your way back to here..seriously it's really nice to see your comment after a very long time.:)

  2. Beautiful lines pulling the strings of the heart and making it ache.

    1. Thanks for being such a loving reader..:)

  3. Beautiful, poignant and touching!

    1. Thank you Me...for finding the beauty in these mourning words..only I know how I wrote this...such worst phase of life!

  4. Congratulations, budding poet. The poems touches the heart and stirs the soul!

  5. lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

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