Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Sorry! If the pic is scary...can't help! Found in google!
Look into my eyes,
Say you see regained hope in them.

Watch my dreams,
Say they are alive and insane.

Touch my hands,
Say you feel the warmth in seams.

Listen to my heart,
Say it is still there beating.

Kiss my lips,
Say they are they tender and moving.

Embrace me into you,
And say I’m the survivor and victim,
A dreg of unwavering hope and life,
A survivor of all the inflict. 

P.S : I know it's not perfectly rhyming or falling into perfect place but what I want to convey is not also perfect. Not the heinous acts nor cruel punishment what scares me is rather the fact that the one has to live in this society where she is treated with unwanted empathy and unavoidable grudge making her a fuming news on air. In the tussle of good and evil, justice and injustice, modernity and prejudice, within the thousand roaring voice and her own screaming wean cry, where is her place. Now this is what shudders me to core.

P.S.S: Well! I'm not feminist. But accepting the real scenario makes me feminist, then I happily embrace the appellation. 


  1. Not perfectly rhyming? And not falling into place?
    You should see my poetry, you would feel much better knowing there is some guy who is the worst on the same. As far as I feel, it rhymed, not in the sense of rhyming words but in sense of meaning or lets say the depth/idea of the poem.

    And as you say, This is what shudders me to core . I feel the same way.

    1. Thank you for your soothing words AK...I know about your poems and haikus I'll stay tight lipped...:)

      I think many feels the same way which is the base of any fear nesting in them.

  2. The pic may be a little scary, but it reflects the survivor!

    A deeply thoughtful poem.

    1. Thank you Gardener...:)

      Glad that you found it thoughtful...I think we all should give a thought to it. :)

  3. Wow... the pic, the words... everything makes a perfect combination here...loved it!

    1. Thank you Me..thanks for liking..hope this message reaches to more and more people..that's all I am trying to do.:)

  4. I dont find the picture scary, it goes well with the poem :)
    It doesnt have to rhyme to make some beautiful sense :)
    That couldn't have been any better!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement..hope the words spread to all..:)

  5. The pic isn't scary - it resonates with the message the poem is conveying :)


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