Sunday, May 12, 2013

A quick Peek!

I know I'm bit late..And I'm sorry..Sorry that I'm writing my 50th post in such hurry whereas I wanted to make it really really special..As they say sometimes FATE just can't stop meddling..and also KARMA is a b!@$%h. (Are Karma and Fate same?? DOn't know!)

Well! I've two minutes left in MOther's day. SO have to make it really fast. HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY to all the mothers in the whole world. If you are a mother I love you too. And if you are not then also I love you. As I believe MOTHERHOOD doesn't come by giving birth to a child..rather it comes by loving others unconditionally and selflessly. :) :)


  1. Whoa. That was fast. Posted at 11:59 PM. That was a close call, Ma'am.

    And yeah, Happy Mother's Day, (well now belated.)
    And I liked the closing lines. Rightly said. :)

    Take Care. :)

    1. Yeah..I was racing then..And reading your blog and commenting there...and trying to upload some picture of the card(s) I made..But I failed :(

      Hmm..I love all the people with such generous, loving hearts...and my mother is really really special to me..:)

    2. I think its never too late.
      So, you can still publish. I don't think there should be a specific day to show love, right?

      My suggestion - Upload them.

    3. I'll surely..jst need some time to gather up some scatter!

  2. It's only 10PM in my time zone, so plenty of time to spare!

    Thanks. We had a wonderful day here, and I hope you did, too. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

  3. Thank you Susan! thanx fr visitng my blog n also for the comment! :)


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