Friday, March 27, 2015

A-Z Challenge

I remember the last April when everyone’s blog was buzzed alive, everyone talking ecstatically of how fantastic it is to be able to write everyday of a month and how amazing they felt when they were done with the challenge. 

Yes, I am talking about A-Z challenge. The challenge is like you need to write and post at least one article each day of April except the Sundays, the posts need to be chronologically order from A to Z. So 26 posts in a month. Isn’t wonderful?

Last time when it started, I had little knowledge about it. Apart from that I was in training and didn’t have access to my laptop. I just wandered into everyone’s blog wishing I could also participate. But now I have got a chance and I am not going to miss it anymore. Besides I was seeking for a powerful kick that will drive me to write everyday. Now here it is as A to Z challenge. I am so exciteddddddd.

As a ritual of this challenge the participant also need to reveal the topic he or she is  going to write about, just to give the readers a better perception about what they are going to stumble into everyday. And believe me, it was really tough for me decide.

At first I skimmed through general topics like life, love, relationship, movies, books etc. But then I thought, am I really comfortable in writing about any of these for a whole month? Are they that connected to me and my brain? What is that I can write about relentlessly? And then it clicked.

Besides everything, if you go through my posts, it’s more about people in general and how their feelings lifted them up, turned them special, making me to write about them. I am no relationship-specialist or love guru. There are tons of books and hundreds of  movies I need to watch. Life??? That’s not an option. So I have always been writing about what I observe around me, what I see when I am the one staring at the crowd where everyone is busy enough not to ponder over my weird staring.

So here it is. My theme for A to Z challenge will be PEOPLE & EMOTIONS. It might sound bit generic but this is all I can write about without banging my head on the wall.

You can also take up the challenge too. You just need to go to the site and sign up for it. Just four more days to go, lots of preparation to be done. I am so charged up that even while working in office I am pondering over the list. I hope that whatever I come up with, it will be entertaining enough. My dear friends! get ready for this voyage. Because I can assure that it will be anything but not memorable one.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wine Bottle And The Scavenger

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This poem is a salute to all the women who have come forward, leaving behind the darkest memories and also all the women who held their hand in this journey in form of mother, sister, daughter, friend or a well-wisher. 

I, discarded, polluted, unwanted,
They held me in their clutches,
Chewed on my flesh,
Sucked the love out,
Patches etched of their nibbles,
And left on the gravel.

I, emptied, burnt, ruined,
Rolling from here to there,
Under the polished shoes,
What the use of an empty bottle,
After the wine is consumed.

And you just happened by,
In a hopeless noon,
You held me in your long hand,
Eyed me with curious gaze,
As if I am a piece of moon.

The sun was moving west,
And you were a scavenger,
But you didn't put me into dirt,
Instead took me home,
And turned me into art.

Those tickling strokes of brushes,
You painted me in red and blue,
Dipped in bright colors,
I was afraid of the darkness,
You blew me few breathes anew.

You put in your fireplace,
Placed a bunch of rose,
And stared at me amused,
While I glintered shyly,
More than any of your showpiece.


Dear men,

You have asking us from years that what is that we women need. I can see it has driven you in such a way to the brink of frustration that you are losing you hair in patches and you babble in you sleep. I think it's time that we should come forward and have a one-to-one conversation. Here I have tried a tad bit to appease your curiosity and return you back your sleep.

We don't need your protection,
We need your support.

We don't need your shelter,
We need your respect.

We don't need your sympathy,
We need your love.

Can you give us just this much? Than any beach holiday or diamond necklace this will give us more pleasure. On the eve of women's day can you just promise your lady this much?

Yours truly,
A woman.

PSS: This might be illegal to talk about Something that is banned by govt. yet I would. Because I give shit about what govt. is going to do. May be this blog space will be shut down. What more??? But I need to speak out and I will.

Two days back I watched the documentary based on Nirbhaya case. I curiously, patiently and attentively watched the hour long video. And finally concluded that it's our fault. It's undoubtedly our fault. The way we have moulded our society with prejudices, this is where we are now. A rapist is defining our girls shamelessly. When that culprit dared to speak that the girls from good household don't roam around at night with boys and it's justified what they did and that was to teach lesson to other girls, his tongue should have been pulled out and his balls castracted with acid right away. How dared he to even open his filthy mouth. Who the rats ass he is to define guidelines of good girl? Rot you moron, you psycho. Come before me once and I will show you what you deserve. I challenge you scumbag. Accept it and prove your manhood.