Sunday, June 8, 2014

Can you prove yourself?

In my life I have seen many instances where I have heard saying someone "How to prove that it wasn't me". If you are saying anywhere to anyone except than crime investigators then my dear you have landed in a wrong path on a wrong foot.

  Proving yourself! This thing comes when you love someone a lot and want them to believe you. You are afraid that if you can't make that random person believe in you then your life will be sworn to hell. Mostly it happens with someone you are in love(the kind of love with which you want to spend your life).

But at that times you forget that love and trust are brothers joined at hip. You can't separate them. If that person doesn't trust you now then he or she won't trust ever even if you bake him the best cake with his favourite recipe or you bring to her everything that is on her wishlist, you can't get an ounce of trust after running to this length. You can't prove yourself to others. It's stupidest thing ever, even stupider than running to catch a train that has already left the station. In real there is no emergency brake to pull and stop it.

And who am I say all these? 
I am the one who has travelled this road before, willingly or unwillingly I have broken my heart repeating the mistake, tore open myself where I wasn't suppossed to, cried till every part of my body was dehydrated and hydrating it I have cried again. Too stupid! Too stubborn!

And why am saying all these? Have I started counseling service?

Still then why am I preaching? 
Simply because even after working for twelve hours a day, beautiful quote by Maya Angelou somehow  managed to find its to me and I couldn't stop ramble about it.

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What? You knew all these already. Then why are you here till now. Go out. Meet new people and explore. Make friends. Enjoy the eve.