Tuesday, May 14, 2013

To My Grave

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Dear Mom, Dad and guys,
Time to pretend you’re brave
Put me in something nice,
As I’m going to my grave.

Put that one-eared brown monkey in,
Also that baby blue sweater,
Than all the places I have been,
Now I’m going to feel much colder.

Get me that milky tooth,
left under bed for tooth-fairy,
Embedded in a small ring,
Wear me before you bury.

Don’t forget Mom’s red saree,
As that will be my shroud,
And bring the medals on T.V,
That made my Daddy proud.

And also the broken video game,
That brother never let me play,
Now that I have ample time,
Down there I’ll learn the game.

Also fetch that soldier uncle’s big gun,
Tell him I asked if he denies,
I’ll take down that hatred machine,
Before it becomes reason of demise.

Finally bring me those dry rose petals,
Beneath the green diary I hid,
Don’t tell him how I got so brittle,
Tell I love him more for what he did.


  1. wow namrata....really so funny n cute.. liked it :)

  2. You can never be a dumb-heart!!!

    1. Dear! I have a really dumb heart..don't know what makes you think one can have a heart dumber than me..Lol :)

  3. This is so beautifully sad. (In a good way, sorry I have no other words to describe)

    1. Welcome to my small blogsphere Dhara..:)

      Yeah! I know it's bit sad but hope doesn't sound despo..thank you for your lovely comments..:)

  4. This is so so awesome.
    Loved each detail! :)

    1. :):) :) :) :)
      NO amount of thanking will be enough for your regular reading and commenting dear..:D

  5. This is sooooooooooooooo beautiful Namrata... it tugged my heart and made me cry at the same time...

    1. Thank u Me..well sorry as it made you cry but I hope you didnt feel that bad while crying..lots of hugs for that my dear..:)

  6. Death and grave never fail to make us think of the things that matter to us. And surprisingly those things that matter are small ones like mother's sari or the oldest pair of jeans. Your words made me think :)

    Thank you for your visit to my blog, it gave me an opportunity to find yours!


    1. Thank you too Gayathri..yeah..you are right..death is a simple truth that we find really complicated..it always feels dreadful..

  7. Oh, this is so beautifully poignant....you crafted it really well:)

  8. Its amazing how you always get so beautiful verses. But why dwell on sad topics all the time?


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