Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dawn Breaker

Four of them sat anxiously hovering over the phone. Virat poured out a bottle of wine and handed over one glass to each. Aisha denied considering her dietician has restricted her from high calories intake.

"Guys. Till when? It's taking toll over my temper." Kriti said rolling the slender glass of wine in her hand.

"Relax guys. My mom says patience always bears sweet fruits. She has told this one will be break through my career. " Sohail said blowing up rings of smoke up in the air and then inhaling back.

"What is your mom?? Film critic to comment on it. Weird tarot card reader." Kirti snspped back.

"Hey! You mind your business. If I start what you mother has done to make you actress then.." Sohail burst all of sudden.

"Hey..hey..hey..enough. Stop fighting like road side beggars. Sohail calm down. And you, Aisha watch before you speak. We all have given our best for this film. Now only that will happen as it is in our luck." Virat tried to control the situation.

Suddenly in this tense situation the phone rang heating up it more. Virat picked it up.

After a small greeting hello some nods followed by. He put the phone after two minutes and turned back with a sour face.

Everyone got stiffened with troubled assumptions. After all they all had put effort here till the last inch of their life. Aisha had lost a considerable amount of weight that put her lost career into lime light and also brought her this movie. Kirti had learned belly dance especially for this movie from some renowned African dancer. Virat was coming back after a dreading pause due to his sister's accident. And if this movie flops then it will be Sohails fourth flop in row.

They all waited for Virat to utter something, anything as it was eating then all. Finally he opened his mouth with a smirk. "Magic...guys. It's blockbuster movie. Housefull..." Everyone cheered up as finally and magically their hard work brought color.

 This post is for Write Over Weekend for prompt "magic".


  1. magic indeed :) good one :) brings out the anticipation of the crew well :)

  2. well written. Magic is that one turning point in our lives...that turns our life upside down :)

  3. well we all need that magic moment .. and hard work always pays for sure

    lovely story


  4. sometimes all we need is a magical moment which makes everything all okay :)

    Read me here:

  5. The suspense thrills! Well written, carrying emotions quite in few words.


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