Thursday, May 1, 2014


He knew his son would carry on the legacy of politics like everyone in his family had. He had seen that sparkling shine in his eyes, galvanic command in his voice even before his son had the slightest hint of this future. Alas, little did he know that his son would go against the corrupt ways of him and join that wrecked withering politician of opposition fasting for resignation of his father.


  1. Sounds like a movie script. Very little in real life it happens that children of corrupt politicians go against their fathers and fore fathers for the welfare of the poor.

    1. Yeah...may be just a movie script..still I hope this will be our tomorrow.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you..its so good to see that at least there is someone back there to miss you when go missing...:)

  3. I am taking a blog break but still reading a few here and there, I saw you posted... I wanted to drop by and tell you it is good to see you back :)

    Very interesting writing as always... :)

  4. Its so nice to see you too...its felt even better to see that my blog was worth one to be in your checklist. :)

  5. I'll say the same. Good to read your name in the blogpost list :)

    Interesting thought up there, btw.


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