Saturday, April 4, 2015

C for ... Child

Sana paced through along the length of dusty corridor like some maniac bat-bitten old lady. The pressure cranked inside her making her heave hollow breathes.

“Damn Danny! Damn it” She looked at him expecting some kind of solution yet he looked as clueless as her. No one in there knew what to do. Not Angela who was on verge of crying. Not Andy who was jarred with so many feelings and confessions.

In fifteen minutes they needed to show up at judge with father of the child. That irresponsible shameless person who didn’t even recognize Angela when she showed up with her baby bump, had blamed her, they were expecting that same fool to show up before judge along with the crowd just as much ceremoniously as the adoption formalities needed. So that her baby won’t be abandoned, family-less growing up on country-service fund, wearing hands down clothes.

The lanky office boy appeared again, informing them that it is their turn. Angela looked pathetically at the parking lot, begging that the expectant fool will show up. She prayed that at least this time she will be less embarrassed. At least for once she deserved to be held along.
They all prepared to enter the room. They all hoped there would be some way to convince the judge that adoption could be done solely by mother without any intervention of father. There seemed no sense in this law. It was like either pull your socks up full and live in warmth under fire and if your socks is torn then you may roll in snow and rot in cold. Sana and Danny entered together holding hands praying for some miracle. Angela sighed heavily clutching the broken heart and rose from her seat.

“One minute Angela.” Andy’s voice pushed Angela back to the seat.
Andy came and slowly went down on his knees. His face was near to her, so near that it reminded her of the human warmth she had missed from a long time.

“We knew this situation was a probability. And we had discussed it before. Me, Sana and Danny. Well everyone hit dead end I had one way out.” He shook his head. “I didn’t tell anyone then and had hoped that I wouldn’t have to tell it anyone ever.” He paused. “But before anything I need your assent.”

“What are you talking about?” Angela voice croaked.

Andy popped in his lips. He knew when the words are out, the control will be gone from his hand. Rest will be mere repercussion. He swallowed the silence and carefully formed the word. “Since the day you walked into the apartment with Sana, since the moment my eyes fell on you, I am in kind of awe with you. For days I have struggled with it, fought with it, unsure of it.”

Angela shifted a bit in place. But she didn’t speak. She was scared for any words to ruining everything.

“I have never been so driven in my life. Every time I am around you I feel protective of you. I feel good when you laugh, the best when I am the reason. I hate it when something out of blue brings back the pain to you. I want to bust all those bad memories. I want to kiss away your pain.”

“Shit” Andy muttered “I sound kinda teenager.”  A crack of smile appeared on Angela’s face behind the flow of hot tears.

Andy lowered his head, staring at the narrow feet of Angela for a minute before looking back at her eyes.

“Angela.” He spoke gently like her name was some fragile popsicle. “It might not be the perfect place or time. I might not even be the perfect guy. Yet you once said perfect is boring. So would you just like to give me a chance to make our life bit more imperfect and less boring?

 “And also would you give me the opportunity to be the father of the child in that room? No. Not because my sister needs the baby and it will solve all the trouble.  It’s because I want to hold you in there. You don’t deserve to go alone all your own. Would you Angela?”

The answer was there in Angela’s eyes as she sat there biting her lips, her hands caressing the mound.

A few days back when her results were positive she was shocked and but she couldn’t kill the child no matter how much easier that sounded than raising a child all alone. She felt like the child was a blessing. Not exactly the way you pray for but the child was blessing in disguise. She met Sana though her business and became friends. Sana and Danny were trying for a child from past six years. When Angela came to know about it, she offered them for the adoption. Not because she didn’t love her child. Rather she wanted a better future for her child. She didn’t have anyone. What if something happens to her, where the child would end up?

Sana offered her a place to stay as a tenant to her brother, Andy. Angela didn’t know she would ever meet a person who will come up over all the prejudices and become best friend. And now? He was confessing his feelings? Where did it all come from? She couldn’t think of anything else than this godly child.

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  1. Lovely "C" word. Touching story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Excellent narrative and meaningful story! A child complement everything


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