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Now that somehow my series “Two stars and a moon” has reached it’s 20th step, on this occasion I have some words to interrupt with. At first I’ll thank all the lovely people who took out time to read, nurture and encourage the story to wheel this far. Seriously it’s never me who wrote this. This was your love and affection which spurred me to write 34,730 words (yes! Never thought so). Each and every word of it is truly dedicated to you pals! And I hold you guys totally responsible for propelling me and embroiling you into this ordeal(Don’t take it literally!). So don’t get any wrong notion that it’s my good adieu speech(I’m just thanking you out of curtsy).

I hope you will keep enjoying as this series snowballs into another 10 steps (as I have poorly planned) and I have more evil thoughts to get more thrilling twists and turns making the story more sizzling, twirling, breathtaking and more entertaining than past ones.

With some lazy/busy peoples’ request who couldn’t get a few minutes to read the earlier posts (I’m not so happy with you! loathing!) I have tried to jot down the story by far into snippets. The ones who missed those, it’s like a dessert treat, two puffs of vanilla on steaming cup of coffee. And the ones who have read each, it is to refresh all that your mind have forgotten (I know it’s pathetically long and I love you all irrevocably for sticking with it  :-* ).

Main Characters:
Avanjali a.k.a Ava- The leading girl around who the story has been weaving intricately. Sweet, simple, sincere, loving, sensitive and a bit clumsy too.

Arnav- He is the dazzling guy with enticing smile and seducing gaze that speaks thousand words with pursed lips. He is Mr.popular in swapping the Mr.Fresher title in college fest with his attitude and intelligence. In no time he became a throbbing heartbeat of  the girls winning the inter college basketball match. Sober, decent, coy, helping, caring, sensitive and not to mention deliciously handsome.

Madhav a.k.a Maddy- He is the guitar guy carrying the aura of mystery and stardust sprinkled all over him. His speculative entry into scene in the mid-sem notched him high into college gossip board. He soon became the new guy despoiling all the soaring popularity of Arnav giving him a tough competition. With an endless queue of crazy female of him, he is the one decoying everyone with his dark and mysterious charm. A stage persona, alluring, magnetic and still a bundle of mystery to solve especially for Ava.

Preeti- Best friend of Ava who shared everything with Ava since childhood (I meant everything not everyone). She was always a company and savior for Ava. Happy-go-lucky, rattling with endless energy, lively, sparking, fashionista who makes it tough to ignore and a genuine friend of Ava, like joined at hips.

Manishaa- The hot chick of college or a bitch according to Preeti. Stroll around with a flock of chicks show her tight clothes, mostly using her tiny brain only to snare boys with her batting eyes. With the advantage of lots of donation to college, she was the trophy student in college. A bitchy bitch, unwanted bum-ache  and Arnav’s current girlfriend.

Story so far:
The story begins as Ava and Preeti got to the same college for their graduation as they did for the whole lifetime. Their friendship included sharing, caring and loving lengthened to forever. The bonding was more like sisters than friends. Starting from the seats in the class to icecream and cheesy secrets, they shared everything.

Preeti was more extrovert kind while Ava always found it hard to mingle. On the first day after introductory class Preeti went on to chit-chat with other new classmates while Ava was left alone. Not that Preeti couldn’t drag Ava with her; it’s that she knew Ava well.

That’s when Ava noticed Arnav in the crowd, standing in a group of boys far in a corner, but noticeably left out of the conversation. It’s been a love at first sight, a notion that was only Preeti’s until it became Ava’s addiction. She was forlornly in the cupid’s trap.

But not that this string of attraction was one sided. The infatuation grew into fondling, innocent love with unavoidable cues from Arnav too. The way he looked at her, that left Ava tore into pieces, bare and vulnerable. Adding to that the facebook chattings and a short rendezvous in a street end cafeteria was like oil on fire.  The more tests she put him into, the more tormented Ava was as Arnav did more than her expectation. The game of stealing glances grew more alarming. They could feel the undeniable attraction for each other evidently but didn’t speak of it a long time. The despicable silence between them bewildered Ava more, making her heart restlessly think about Arnav.  It was like each and every part of her craved on Arnav’s name.

Finally there was this moment of confession arrived. After winning Mr.Fresher’s title in the college, Ava was invited to Arnav’s party. Even though she was no way connected to it, as only Arnav’s close friends and Manishaa, who won the Ms. Freshers title were the ones on the card, still he invited her and insisted on her coming with more than usual curtesy. Both were dying to speak, let their emotions be defined, but their fate wasn’t ready yet. It was devilish and beguilingly waiting for a hellish twist.

Just the day before party, Ava had to leave the town with her family without sparing any time to think or consider. The trip was unplanned, hastily done for an unknown period of time. She was stuck at a far away village, where no mobile network was available unless you climb on a coconut tree and no road without cow dung.

When Ava returned home, the scenario was changed. Arnav was miraculously Manishaa’s boyfriend over night. It left Ava agonized with lots of impalpable questions probing her. She was shattered to core, hindered for herself, lost all the confidence. It became impossible for her to even breathe without thinking about Arnav. Her feeling grew more intense now, multiplied with despair and disbelieve. She banned herself form anything or anyone and locked down herself in a room worrying everyone around her. And finally after some days of self-sabotaging, she made a decision; a decision to end everything by ending her.

She took out the blade, running it over her bare flesh, cut along her wrists, when Preeti appeared magically as some demigod on her door, saving her from the debacle. The injury was not severe and didn’t took much time to recover. She was saved and salvaged with time and gradually realized the value of life; though she curtailed herself to Preeti and her family members only.

But life is not always the same we want it to be. Sometimes we find ourselves before an unexpected turn. And in Ava’s life Maddy was that turn. As a new student in the mid-semester, he was introduced singing and playing guitar on the stage in their college Annual function. What made him fall for Ava, it is still a secret. But he did. And he did also confessed in an outwardly romantic manner that any girl would die to have. In a beautiful arrangement, a romantic direct proposal, with flower on knee, glowing in the candlelight, he did everything that more than enough to make a girl loose her sense. But Ava was just a bundle of flesh and bone without any emotion left for anyone. Her heart was brutally broken and she was fighting hard to give it a mind. After believing once she couldn’t believe on anyone. She didn’t believe in love anymore blaming it to be another affectation.

But Maddy was also as much stubborn as Ava was. And the bonus was Preeti barged on Maddy’s side. Ava was alone this time. So she made a plan to end everything for once and all. She wanted to put Maddy into tryouts from which Maddy will never success, at least that’s what Ava planned.

Now he will or not, it’s still to be unrevealed. Whether he will make Ava fall for him, buy her to for his emotions or he will fail and as per the stipulation will never show his face to her.

Did I miss anything??? Hell! Yes! I did miss a lot, a lot that I failed to squeeze into this summary. All the fun moments, tricks and pranks in class, those exchanging glance soaring mercury in the air, all those cupid-stuck scenes of Ava and Anvav, those breath taking moments when Ava was to end her life and the words of Maddy on knee before Ava that will make you believe in love again. For that you need to dig into the whole series.

Why to read it further:
I know there were some points in the story where you will be dragged to yawn. Believe me! It’s really hard confess before all that it is not so good as you guys expect and harder to keep the pace and keep people engrossed in your story. I’m a total newbie in it. I’m still climbing the hill.  For that I wholeheartedly thank to all who were besides me with every step, held me whenever I tumbled, gave me a tough lesson and encouraged me to do so.

But I’m learning and weaving the further words more carefully working hard on it. In further more posts you will be introduced many words like drugs, death, trap, revenge, plots, conspiracy and a race to save life and love. And also not to mention lots and lots of endearing moments that you won’t want to miss.

The below given links will take you directly to my story. Love, enjoy and cherish.


  1. First of all, I am so very much sorry for being lazy/busy person.

    I will surely read the whole story. It is very interesting.

    So, I have to ask one thing, is this just fiction or is any part of it real? #JustAsking.

    And 34730 words ? O.M.G.
    When is the book coming out?

    1. It's completely fine as I understand how you are juggling between your work and blog. You are doing a tough job. So don't be sorry! :)

      About the story, most of it is fiction but some incidents are inspired by real life..some are borrowed form others and some emotions are mine..well most of the frustrating, bewildered emotions are my contribution..;)

      And Book! Lol! You must be kidding..I ve barely fetched only handful people..if I write a book now it's certainly gonna be a great debacle. I'm still moving along the learning curve.

      Still thnx a ton for liking it..and will pour in more gratitude if it loved by you. :) :) :)


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