Friday, April 19, 2013

Outpouring again...defenselessly

It’s outpouring again,
Drenching the dull windowsills,
Washing down the sleepy town,
As greasy and queasy it feels.

Earth is crying down,
Or it’s just her drool,
Beyond the reality bound,
I don’t see beauty anymore.

Beauty is that vulture,
Who took me to bed for you,
Quickly vanished in your capture,
Like on lava a drop of dew.

Don’t pretend you feel the same way,
Being decadent is better in alone,
Nothing more in me left to lose in sway,
Don’t say you hear memories’ groan.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Me. It's really very near to my heart.:)

  2. Hi Namrata
    I am following your blog from quite a some time.(and never left a comment :( )however I am presenting you the Liebster Award.I know you are not new in blogging world,however you are new to me and I really enjoyed reading your blogs.I am truely enjoying Two Stars and A moon and waiting for the next chapter :)

    1. Thanks a ton you darling for giving me my first award...I'm way over than happy..still can't believe..thanks again for the bestow..
      Hoh! I still can't stop smirking. *Hope I'm not going crazy over it*


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