Friday, April 5, 2013

Let's Fly High Again

Oh dear,
Let’s fly high again
Up above the concrete ways
Though our wings maimed and waned,
We will race out far away.

Squeaking for half of my sky,
Swirling in another half of yours,
We will rise,
With no worries to live or die,
Lost in reverie of cheers.

Paddle into the dusky sky,
To moon we will sneak,
Let’s go,
Ripple its sleepy ply,
It's not mine nor did I steal it. Just borrowed from here.
And scoot out at peak.

Chirp around those dozy lovers,
Dangling legs in the garden,
Let’s fly,
Fill them with cuddly romance,
Slicing away their burden.

Let’s Layer the stale world,
Squirming colors from our wings broken,
Let’s drool,
Flying through the broody boulevards,
Turn them into love garden.

A small intervention between the long series. Sorry! Couldn’t keep myself from posting. 


  1. This is beautifully written! I could paint the pictures as I read on. Kudos Namrata! :D

    1. Thank u Rachit. You have always been so great n lovely.

  2. Beautifully Penned. :)

    Well, I am glad you posted. This was a nice poem. :)
    So, Keep posting more.
    And btw, no need to be sorry. And also don't keep yourself from posting. :P

    Take Care and Keep Writing. :)

    1. Thank u..The guy in the hat..glad that u got tym to read my poem lifting up ur stylish hat. :) <3

    2. Haha.
      *Takes my hat off*.(Appreciating your poem).

      The Guy in the Hat ™

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  4. Quiet meaningful poem. I Bow down to ur talent.
    This blog has become one of the thumbnails in my web browser.

    #Your fan

    1. Cant have anything better than this..the best compliment till the date and it means a lot to me. Can't thank much. :)

  5. This is a beautiful perspective from birds view! Interesting and indeed cheerful read.

    1. Thank you Jeevan. Glad that you liked it.:)


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