Monday, November 8, 2010

Hi to all.It's my first blog.I don't know what should I write on my post but as my mind is totally chocked at that moment, I would prefer to express the things out that is blocking all my thoughts at it's way. So I decided to write to a person who is sprawled in the tentacles of my brain to it's core.
A life-a life is not a thing owned by a single person. It's an assemble of many effort of many people at different stages and phrases. But sometimes it's seen that unexpectedly a person becomes the center and the life moves around it like a magnet. But when that person cut the entwined tie, life becomes helpless, hopeless, direction-less.
I can say it more profoundly because I'm right now at a similar point alone with my desperate life.The pole with whom I was tied is lost now. It was so rough that my feeble love-rope couldn't hold it anymore and ….. at last it’s left hanging in the storm.
He left me. But I'm not angry with him. I'm angry with myself because my love wasn't enough to keep the hold tighter than being an infiltration. That's why I should be punished and the assess will  be a verdict when I'll be punished by freezing the heart in my body .So it will stop beating anymore at someone's love and will never fall in the pit of love again.
At last just a few words  I would like to reach to him that I did love you and I'll love you always silently no matter with whom you are engaged. But now I'll go so far away from your life that even the air around you will lose my essence and far there I'll always be praying with drop of warm tear from the corner of eye and a pair of joined at hand for your happy long life.
Only yours,

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