Friday, January 25, 2013


It was first time ever I was coupled with a boy. I knew hormones ranging high at this age, but this way I never thought it to be. I lied to Preeti but didn’t know how to lie to myself. I just wanted to know whether all that I felt right then was love or just infatuation.

I quickly finished the dinner and went to bed. The whole day was hasty, so very soon I was asleep.

Next day we were at college. We all student sat in one big hall as section division was still on process. Preeti hopped on the first bench of the class leaving a place on her right for me. I looked around and found Arnav three seats behind ours on boys’ side. He was talking with another guy.

He wore a demure brown shirt with something nonsensical written in black. The shirt suited him very well. Even the models would have failed look better than him. The class was disturbed but I found order in chaos just with a glimpse of him.
“Damn it!” I murmured and took the seat.

Ms.Chandra entered the hall storming the whole way. Her specs sat on the peak of her nose and hairs bundled in a bun. She was really fair and beautiful.

“Good morning class” She greeted us in a sonorous voice. “As you are new to college, all of you will sit in one classroom for a few days. After that you will be divided into two sections. So for now we have arranged an temporary attendance. I will be calling out your name and roll-number. All of you remember it well. Got me students! ”

She started calling out names. At first there were girls name serially. I was curiously waiting for Arnav’s name. Preeti would get my roll number if I miss it, but she wouldn’t get Arnav’s.

I felt someone’s elbow prodding at me.  

It was Preeti elbowing and before me, Ms.Chandra was shouting my name badly.

“ Avanjali..”

“Yes maam..”I bolted up horrified sliding the bag out the table. The bag fell on ground loudly providing acoustic to my drama before whole class.

“ Avanjali. Roll number twelve.” Her protruded eyes looked at me in contempt.

“Yes maam”.

I heard some giggles from behind. Preeti looked back and they silenced.

Preeti’s roll-number was thirteen and Arnav’s was sixty eight.

That night I again logged on to Facebook and Arnav was online. I frolicked for a while. But it didn’t seem helping much as I paranoid to step forth. Should I ping him at first? What if he takes it otherwise?

The blue framed chat box on screen popped up startling me.

Arnav:Hi Wass up!

It was like gold on silver spoon for me. I instantly typed.

Me: Hello

Arnav: Hw r u?

Me: I’m fine. Thank you. How are you?

Arnav:me fyn bt y r u talkn so formal? It sounds weird.

I bit my lips. How else on earth should I talk with him?

Me: Hm. Sorry.

Arnav: hey, I didn’t mean anythn wrng. if u r comfrtable lyk dis, den u talk dis way. n dnt b sry. chill.

Me: Thank you J

Arnav: Totally my pleasure, Madam. Hey, today u wer sitting in d frst row, am I right?

Me: yes.

Arnav: n u wer wearin a pink dress today.

I was on cloud nine. He noticed me, I got every whim of mine fulfilled at that time.

Me: yeah. That’s me.

Arnav: actually i didn’t knw. dn i askd kishore abt u. he pointed towards u.

I was heart-broken. The flies of excitement inside heart died.

Arnav typing...

Arnav: u knw kishore ryt?

Me: no. Who is he?

Arnav: u dnt knw kishore..he is a genius guy. I mean he is superb in maths. There no match to the speed he solves riddles and problems.

Me: oh! Sorry. I don’t know him.

Arnav: it’s k.hw many new frnds u made at clg?

Me: none till now.

Arnav: y?u dnt lyk makn frnds?

Me: not much.

Arnav: ohh. i luv makn frnds. ok. nw i gotta go. mom z calln fr dinner. c u tmrw. bye. tk cr
Me: bye. Take care. goodnight.

Arnav has logged out.

He loves making friends. I recited it to myself. And what else does he love to do? The best answer to my curiosity laid in the social networking profile. I clicked into his profile. I was well furnished and magnificently decorated with spunky template. It looked as he maintained the profile everyday. From there I got all the handy and general information like he loves bikes a lot, has guts for adventure, a penchant for Starwars and a die-hard fan of Harry-potter series.

With heaven’s sake, harry potter has always sucked for me. It is weirder than the girl having miles of hair layering or the existence of girl whiter than snows. The worst part of the series is their names. Couldn’t they get bit easier and pronounceable names?

I also wandered a bit through his picture. Some of them had him posed on his black, hulky bike, some were taken in group and in few he posed alone. It felt nice at my nerves getting introduced more to him. He felt closer with every piece of truth I learned about him. It was like a bond was forming between us and the bond getting tighter. I wanted it to be more engulfing to take me in forever. I wanted it to last till eternity. I wanted to float in his dreams and not out of it ever.


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    1. Thank u..keep in touch..a lot more interesting stuffs are waiting to be revealed...

  2. very innovative writing dear...i felt like being there through the conversation :D
    very romantic yaar :) <3

  3. its too nice yaar :)
    felt so touchy :)
    <3ed it.. :)

  4. grt....expressive...carry on...

  5. u r a genius .ur writn too.m proud f u

  6. nizeee... but why did ur heart break when arnav told u that he asked his friend about u? u should be happy that he is trying to dig info about u from his frnds.

    1. First of all it's Ava who was upset, not me. Secondly she was upset 'coz after so much drama in class, she could get his attention alone.

  7. Aaahhhh!!!!!!!!
    i was cmpltly into it..... :-)


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