Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's my BIRTHDAY...yuppie!

It's my Birthday again. And I'm speechless. Never expected so much love and care from all. It seems I'm alive again. As if I am floating in my dreams, seriously it feels so. From mid-night, calls and messages are filling up the space. And unimaginably many old friends whom I thought might have forgotten me, somehow reached with their heartily wishes and cheers. Seriously I miss those old days of school. The only thing I always complaint about past is that it always steals our happy moments into time. Why isn't there any refrigerator to preserve those beautiful memories?

And best thing of having your birthday on the first month of year is that you get two grand celebration in the beginning of the year itself. So I am spoiling myself with lots of favorite food, chocolates, gifts and indulgence.

Okay. Rambling is over. I have only thing pestering me right now. I have exam tomorrow. "Entrepreneurship Development" and seriously speaking, almost all the time I write Entrepreneurship, the spelling is wrong. Stupid me! Don't know what to even write tomorrow. Wish me lots of luck.

Once again thanks to all my friends and well-wishers. Without you guys my life would be like sweets without sugar. So thanks a lot for making my life sweet and swift.

Now it's time to gift myself something. Yeah! Every year I gift myself with something. It means I allow myself to do something that I'm holding my step back from. This time I am allowing myself to expose something. I want to open it on my blog and the gift is : "TWO STARS AND A MOON".

TWO STARS AND A MOON is story I'm writing for a while. It's a romantic story casting lives of three people- Arnav, Avanjali and Jagdish. Avanjali is a sweet college girl, Arnav and jagdish are her love interests. Now the only question is who will end as Ava's hero and who will be the left choice? Who gets to go with whom on this Valentine's day?
 It's a short and sweet story depicting love, friendship, believe, hope, craze, jealousy, insecurity and psychosis and how all these end up at last.

The link(s) below will take you to "TWO STARS AND A MOON".



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