Monday, August 19, 2013


Don’t tell them the way you hold my hand,
Don’t tell them about the time we merrily spent,
(I)  Won’t tell how I love to get into your sleep,
Won’t tell it’s delicious to eat from your lips.

Don’t tell them you love to play with my curls,
Don’t tell them you get peace in my curves,
Won’t tell your smile is my favorite sight,
Won’t tell, for me your voice is sweetest delight.

Don’t tell with your eyes you make me blush,
Don’t tell how you became my deepest crush,
Won’t tell you are the magician for love-land,
Won’t tell forgetting you is a dream so distant.

Still you keep quiet, I keep quiet,
That’s the deal here you strike,
Even it tears us apart, flesh from bone,
We have next birth to come along.


  1. I actually like the poem, but not the last couple of lines :|

    1. Why?? are they so bad??? By the it's my first attempt in writing something sensual. I don't know how it is conveyed.

    2. My bad if that's how my comment came off. It's pretty neat. Just, that I am a sucker for happy endings.

    3. I will surely give a try to this happy ending thing..thank you for the guidance...I am still perplexed of my inclination towards deplorable endings.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, sweet and romantic poem! Great deal ;)


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