Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Something for some lovely ones

I feel bad whenever I find how shameless I have grown on my place. Whenever I see that the good-manners have seeped out from me leaving me as an uncouth indecent chic, I can’t even look myself in eyes. Really, my embarrassment is no affectation. I really mean it and It is ripping my heart apart. And who do I have to cannon the blame this time?

My busy schedule? Oh! No. It will be a turgid lie.

Lack of enthusiasm? No. Not at all.

Health problems? Not that serious to be an issue (Just a minor food poisoning two days back due to having a coffee outside. Look at the delicate me! ).
Frustration of failures? It’s my fault that I can’t contain myself. It’s life. Okay! Be real!!

It’s purely the procrastination. You know what, I can be very useful in exhibition. They can put me under the label of “The moodiest Procrastinator of 21st century”. Yeah! That will be really entertaining. I can see you smiling at the screen right now.

I don’t know. But I know sorry is not enough neither is thank you.
Still I owe you all both of these.

A big SORRY and even bigger THANK YOU.

You still haven’t got it. Right! Yeah! Yeah! I am very mis-talented(for me it’s mis not un) too.

A few months back Mr. Ajay Kontham(It’s his blog here.) had forwarded me a cute award. But for his sweet gesture, I even couldn’t say him a mere thanks. I simply put it in my to-do-list into the piles of chores that I have barely cared to finish ever.

Secondly, A few days back beautiful owner of this majestic blog Me  again forwarded me a blog award. Though I thanked her on her blog post’s comment section, still she deserves more than that.

So guys sorry for holding you till now. I know you, rational and sensible people have better work than looking forward to my shity blog. Still this is for both you and all the readers who stumble into my blog and take pain to actually go through it and suffer more for commenting. I love you all! You stay in my heart. Each of you. I swear on the name of Pizza Hut. (Huh! If I forget any name, Pizza Hut guys will be in trouble which I really don’t intend to do.)

And and and…my dear friends I have something for you. Hope you all will like it.

A Cake..?

It's here:

I know it's bit late but I had made this card that I could upload on Diwali. 

Happy Diwali to all! :)


  1. *Suspiciously looks around*. You didn't see me and also I wasn't smiling.

    You know what, I jolted upright in my bed when I saw my name. You are welcome, btw. :)

    The cards are lovely. :)

    And why Pizza Hut ? :O

  2. Procrastination:
    Q. What is the meaning of procrastination?
    A. I shall look for it in the dictionary tomorrow.

    1. I know you acting dumb here..don't know why..I know how great you are with all your knowledge and years of experience that you keep enlightening us..I bow before it. :)

    2. Perhaps my pun needs a little explanation. This is an example of procrastination which means putting off things which can be done straight away, especially habitually or to an unspecified time.

  3. Procrastination is my middle name... I will find anything to get out of doing what needs to be done.... I am working on changing this :)

  4. Diwali card... And now!!! You are the bestestestest... Err, best :)

  5. I think many of us procrastinate, I know I do...comes with being human! Don't beat yourself up too badly :-) Congrats on the awards!

  6. Awww...no you are not moody. You are amazingly cute. And about thanking the super amazing MR Kontham....better late than never. Dont b guilty. Lots of love. :)

  7. Congratulations!

    Aaaaand, better late than never :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. It's never too late, if you remembered it. I am saying that, because I'm on the same boat ;)

    Cute cards! :D


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