Wednesday, November 12, 2014


She took out the finest and most elegant one of her wardrobe. It was a tailored black dress with fine lines of black sequins on the front that would have fell till her knee only if she could fit in there. Age has plumped her out. With Adele singing Someone Like You in the background, she sat together with the dress and sewing box and yanked out the stitches, careful enough not to ruin the material. It took her whole night to get the dress fit on her. She stared at her reflection on mirror, too long, watching the dress slowly settling along her skin.

At the break of dawn she started preparation. It was four hours of drive to the place and she didn’t want to be late. She had waited too long to forget what was that she was waiting for. No more wait. She was finally going to meet him.

The more time passed, the more distance she covered, the more anxiety and nervousness crept in her. How would it feel to wake up every morning with no more anticipation? For whose arrival would she be waiting upon every night, staring out of the window from an empty house? She clenched the steering wheel harder, trying to push these weird thoughts out of window and focus on the road. Did the trick work? It would have only if her lame mind was under her restraint.

Finally she reached there in time. The sun was still young in sky. Bird chirruped in unison. She parked her car in the lot. He palms were sweating. She took out the flowers form backseat, smoothed her dress, tucked the strand that had fallen from her tight bun, straightened her shoulder and silently marched towards the small gathering. The crowd tore apart upon her welcome, allowing her to grace the way. She put on a faint smile and walked towards him.

He was lying there, with a like always. She rested the flowers on him and sat next to him. It seemed age had reverse affect on him. He looked more calm and radiant.  She wished he would open his eyes and tell her how she looked in the dress. Fifteen years. For fifteen years she waited for him to come and talk to her. Every night of fifteen years, she wished that, it would be the last haunted night in her life, until two days back when she got this phone call. Finally a tear finally rolled down her cheek.
Everyone stood up in attention as the priest came upon. “It’s time my child,” The priest spoke politely to her. She just nodded, wiping the wet trail on her face.

Before leaving she laid kiss on his cheek and whispered, “See you again, My love. In that far land, beyond the restriction truths and lies, beyond the restrain of right and wrong, I will meet you there. Very soon. ” 


  1. that was very touching...a long wait and a love that never fades..stirrring

  2. You surprised me with this! I wasn't expecting that turn, N! Very good storytelling.

  3. A very good and touching story. You write so well!

  4. I couldn't imagine waiting for so long and then to lose him... but she is right, they will see each other again... xox

  5. Great encounter in the story! Gracefully written even it ends at grave :)

  6. You know how beautiful this was. The narration..I could feel the pain, the love, the connection ...
    Loved it.

  7. Beautifully written! I really loved the narration. Keep posting!

  8. I love the imagery here. Painful, yet beautiful. Narration is your strongest point. I love how you describe characters and scenes.

  9. This is a truly incredible piece of writing. Very impressive!

  10. Omg...this was really so touching..
    I expected dat it would end on a happy note....

    Ps..: loved your blog title...!!


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