Monday, December 8, 2014

That Visit

I sit next to him, two feet across the table he is sitting. The evening is lazily getting darker. I stare hard on his smugged face. Undoubtedly under that hard mask life pulsated undetected.

"So how long?" My question interrupts him from his deep-inside-the-file state.

He looks at me in response, a steely glace through narrowed eye. He checks me out from tip to toe. Clearly his conscience holds him back from believing the facts splayed before him.

I cross my legs and lean over the table. Heat and itch both move crawling under those tight leather pants as they stretch with my new position.

Finally he sighs, nodding a clear disappointment upon himself. I want to release that smile of victory, but I hold it till he admits it himself.
"I told you. There is no end without me. You will be lost out in there. This is not your world played by your rules and integrity. I told you so. This is underworld, baby"

He doesn't react. He never did. Not to my dyed pink head or kinky clothes that I wear to show whatever I have.

"Any more questions?" I straighten on my place. Even a win as simple as this can give enormous strength.

I lick my lips before breaking the silence.
"The deal is still on the table, if you want."

He closes the file in silence, staring a blank look straight at me, boring a hole exactly where my heart is beating loudly. It's hard to decide whether he loves me more or hates me more. Anyway it's not good for any outlawed to mess with someone working under law.
I shake my head, get up and walk from there.

At the door, I pause a little. From the corner of my eyes, I could see that alluring once-in-a-while smile on his face.
I knew I would get that long expected visit from him today. I will be looking forward it.


  1. Reminds me of vl sheridan. Your writing has transformed in the recent past. Awesome.

    1. Thanks Rajesh. It was more over midnight rambling. :)

  2. unusual but yet inconclusive! nice attempt


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