Sunday, December 14, 2014

Things Itching At My Back

I was never a newspaper seeker. It was only written piece on the earth to get my sideway glance. I would prefer a mammoth book of 600 pages written in some obscure language than it. Nothing in those large papers ever made any sense to me. But unfortunately I am right now in such a phase of life where I don't want to look like fool. And after the alia bhatt incident in Karan Johar show, I am more scared to be an idiot. So I guess you are getting the point. Now I have started reading newspaper. Getting myself updated with fresh bits. Every day!

But to my wonder, I feel more stupid and lost now. It's like my whole brain has become foggy and the thin path from where my thoughts usually travel are now full with question bumps. I am tired of searching for answers, trying to console myself that this is how it is. Yet the question reverts back more stubbornly, why so?

I won't talk about Mr.Obama's  lunch menu on his visit to India or our President's friendly visits to those unfriendly countries. I will talk about very local issues that happens around me.

Was religion not enough to divide the country millions apart? Now it has come to race. Now a days you will see many silly incident where people are attacked just because they don't look exactly like the attacker. They have a flat nose and squinty eyes. They can't speak your mother tongue.  Yes! Those racial attacks. That brutal murder of young men who wanted bring revolution into our education. Tell me one thing. Where were you scoundrels when Mary Mom brought glory to our country. Where were your filthy mouth when Baichung Bhutia sweated in the ground to bring recognition to our country in the football leagues. You can cheer up Jackie Chan on screen. But the real life heros will be slaughtered. Go man! Get some humanity. I think you are the most ill bred person in this world. Go and jump off from some cliff. No one will even shed a drop of tear for you. Not even your mother.

2) Love campaign:
Another thing that adorns the front page everyday is two young college-kids kissing among a bunch of maniac cheering crowd. When I first saw it, I kept staring at it longer than I should have. There were two guys kissing each other,in the front page of a leading newspaper, sharing their boundless love., celebrating freedom. Kiss of love, they said, it was.And the only thing that worried me, do their family read the same newspaper I am read? If they do, then God save them from the humiliation. No! No! I am not against love or relationship. And I am morden too. But I can't even imagine to support such weird baseless things. Come on guys! Think. Use your brain. Do you think our society need this at this moment. I think it's sheer wastage of energy and time that will stir more chaos into an already dishelved society.

3)  Molestation Cases:
Last but not least disgusted, child molestation cases. It was around three months back that I heard about it for the first time. And almost suddenly something happened. It sprouted like a bunch mushrooms and for next every two days, it will be some school, some school teacher and some child who can't even spell molestation.

Be it a employee or a college student or a kindergarten, all the pages are botched with their names as victim of rapes. The recent being another rape in Delhi inside a cab. I won't go into those ridiculous details. If you haven't, then you must. It's really interesting. You will laugh your heart out at the irresponsibility of the Uber.

Well, about these three topics, have you noticed anything common? Let me help you. The common thing is that in a country of millions, why this is happening again and again. Isn't there any solution to stop this permanently? Instead kissing each other on road, can't we youth stand firm against all these issues? Okay. You did a commendable job in the Nirbhaya case. But all these promises made to you, are they kept? Has the situation changed a bit? Why that unapologetic co#$@cker still alive in this world after raping five girls? Is killing among each other just because they don't share similarity with you getting us anywhere? If you have an answer, then please guide.

P.S: This may sound really brash to some. But I defy to apology. I know I am not doing anything wrong. Your thought might contradict with mine. But you can't deny any of the above.


  1. Yeah, we get to see only these kind of news these days....

    & the 'kiss of love' was d most weirdest...
    Molestation cases, have no idea when it's gonna end....!!

  2. I know what you mean. Sometimes it gets really tiring to see humanity falling apart.

  3. Yes, like Munir, I also feel that humanity is falling apart, especially in India.

  4. Well, have you ever heard term "Selection"

    Because thats what is required when you read anything, let alone newspaper.

    I am not being critical, just mentioned, you know.

    All the topics you have mentioned are just the way societies ( or to be precise herds of human being) get evolved.

  5. For those rarely check newspapers or beginners, these happenings might sound weird more than regular readers alike. I can’t stand different from you... kiss of love is shit. Rather being sweet they make it disgust


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