Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blocked away.

Warning! Warning! Warning! This post is good for nothing! so if you are so busy don't even think of reading this. This is the far most baseless post I have ever wrote.

Don’t admonish me if I am wrong somewhere. Don’t even tell. I am driving straight up the wall now. I can’t think anything. It’s like I am trapped inside a giant stumbling box with unfinished walls laid across in zigzag. Wherever I go, I just find myself lost and exhausted. It’s so so tiring.

I was never so good at writing still I used to put myself in the ordeal and babble out something. But now travelling has made it even worse. Ugghh!!! Travelling is an arduous affair. Now that I can understand how difficult it must be for the Travelling writers to go to different places and maintain journals and then convert them into fair copy.

What else can be expected from me now! :(
Seriously it has affected me a lot. Now I wander like aimlessly into places. It’s good. It feels so heavenly to be in new places, stumble into new corners and invent new turns as I also love travelling but what I am doing is not travelling actually. It’s like uprooting yourself in total and to get your foot steady somewhere else. Again stuffing everything into bag, off-time shopping has increased the burden. The old luggages bags aren’t enough to get everything wrapped even if unfold the expendable and you put all your stuffs in and sit on it to zip the bag. The trolleys are so heavy that wheels start to scream in protest. Then you remember that you forgot some of your belongings back in the room. Sometimes time has been kind and sometimes it’s crucial. Getting into a new habit is nothing before this.

Aaaahh!! What am I saying? Or rambling??? What useless stuffs I am filled with. What is the word they symbolize these with? Fustrated Casting? May be! Sorry fellas! Sorry for meeting you with such a useless and moral-deprived post. I am just so frustrated that even a single verse seems so far now. Don’t know when I’ll get away from this. I really hope it will be sooner.


  1. *Puts on the psychological understanding cap*

    You seem frustrated, so frustrated that you even spelled it wrong.
    You want to convey something about the tedious process of journey,though you like it sometimes it dosent feel so good when so many factors come onto play.

    Okay, now stop throwing stones/ tomatoes/whatnot on me. *takes off the cap*

    And you need nor be sorry about anything. Letting out is always good, however dumb they might sound. And if you want to talk to anyone, you know where to find me. Don't tell you don't know. You really don't know, do you ? #okBye

    1. Now I don't know what cap to put on to understand your comment!

    2. Wait, my comment was that crazy ?

      #Damn :/

    3. Nope...it's a bit confusing!

  2. Sometime the matter is expressing... but no matter how. I can understand your kind of travel which is far most different from exploring or travel on vacations.

  3. I enjoy travelling. Moving to new places means new places to explore and new people to interact with. I don't seem to grow roots, as most of my friends point out, thus making it easier for me to keep on moving.

    1. I also love travelling and exploring but what I am doing is shifting from place to place, stay there for a few months and then leave for another street. You meet people, stay with them get affectionate but then again you have to leave them.


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