Thursday, September 26, 2013

My summer in YOU

It was dark and frigid,
So cold that body went rigid,
Reptiles leaned back and smirked,
In the thick night safety was disappeared.

I found you then there and then,
Cozying over the dirty den,
You came and clutched my hand,
From the monsters we ran away.

I found my summer in you,
I discovered the sun to new,
It felt so damn good,
We running to east in glee mood.

Steps toppling over rough stone,
 I am careless of the bleeding toe,
‘coz I find my summer in you,
Fresh, beautiful, earthy as morning dew.

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  1. I love that feeling of finding summer in someone you love... I found that with my David and was saddened when it ended for no reason... just so awful, I felt as if the summer had disappeared... it will be back though :)

    1. Hmm..but the best thing is that it again appears in next year...:)

  2. This is just lovely...Some people do come as a ray of hope in your life!

    1. Yeah! And at that moment your whole changes dramatically!

  3. Such a beautiful poem!!!

    Why do you call yourself 'a dumb heart'?

    1. Thank you..well my Heart is really DUMB..or else it would have listened to my mind and follow it!


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