Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I failed miserably in putting out any guy into the accused box and question his audacity. My brain was encroached by heart limiting it to Arnav as I desperately somewhere wanted him to do all these for me. But by his evasive nature and his current relationship status he was obviously not the one.

Then who?

I again went to the canteen counter. I asked them again if there is anything to eat than these samosas squirting oil. He was chewing paan and directed me to last piece of pie. The bell rang. Class was to start any minute. With all those tag line farce I didn’t know how the half an hour of recess flied away. Lastly I had no other option than dying in the hunger or taking that last piece of the pie. I forlornly chose the later one.

As he handed me the piece, at first I smelled it and checked from all the five sides. It looked manageable. It had yellowy icing that resembled to butterscotch but I could bet on that, it was nothing else than cheap fermented sugar that might travel me to emergency wing of nearby hospital. Preeti sauntered me to my side kneading her hands together. She didn’t even considered to wash those shiny blotches of oil off her fingers. I paid our bill and ambled out for the class nibbling from the spongy part of the cake leaving the icing.

In class, just when we were taking our seat, Manishaa gushed from other side of the bench blocking our further entry into it. I had crossed half of the seat while my left leg still dangled out. She sinisterly smiled at us spreading her glossy lips.
“Only one can sit here. If you want to sit, then you may but not her.”

I could hear Preeti gritting teeth loudly and snarling louder. Her next movement was definitely to lurch herself on Manishaa. And if Preeti loses control then Manishaa would lose a lot more of her irrevocable clobbers; may be couple of teeth or her perfect nose.

I turned back and yanked Preeti out of there who was cemented in anger to the earth. She was behaving like a bull in the bull fight waiting for the red flag to hoist. Or we can say cow fight. But do cows ever fight? I can’t agree with affirmation.
I hissed next Preeti’s ear. “Leave it. She is a slut and we need not to diminish our level to knock her down.” I dragged her to the next row.
Manishaa and her friends loosened out a paroxysm of laughter for their triumph and kept sniggering till teacher entered into the class.
The class returned to a sane silence.
“You are right Ava. We need not to lose out level to fight with those wiggy girls. I’ve a perfect plan for it. Enough is enough now. It’s time for sweet payback.”
I watched at her in horror sensing the doom. Preeti, revenge and plan- perfect accumulation to hang anyone upside down above ablaze coal bed.

She then got busy with her mobile. I didn’t know what she did for next ten minutes as I was flanking her from teachers view. After the ten minutes she neared her face to me. “Ready Ava. Three, Two, One and here we go.”

Just when teacher turned to blackboard, everyone started to jut down on their notebooks, she lowered down her left hand under table while pretended of writing with her right, and in the next three second what we heard was a silence shatterer, jaw dropper and head turner winding noise from Manishaa’s bench. Everyone shot glance to there. Of course, among all the primitive noise in the acoustic world, farting has always been the most directive and accusing noise.

I clamped down a laugh so big that my stomach bloated with it.

Manishaa turned to her right. “I didn’t do it. You know it. I swear of Miss Universe Crown.”

“I didn’t do too.” The girl retorted back to Manishaa.

Then the other girl on Manishaa’s left jumped in to the contest. “Don’t even think of me. I never ever do it. You know I am the most pristine girl when it comes to sanitation.”

“Oh then you think I did it.” Manishaa raised her voice ignoring the whole class watching their drama.

“Come on. I’m diet. Okay.”

The third girl again unwontedly interrupted before she was blamed. “How can I? I mean everyday I do yoga watching Shilpa Shetty.”

Then Manishaa turned back and narrowed her eyes on Preeti. “You did it. Right?”
“But the noise came from you.” Preeti made an innocent face

“Silence everybody. And you all.” All three stood at the reference by teacher.

As soon as they opened her mouth, it was muffled by teacher’s bellowing voice. “If you need to do all these embarrassing acts then you can leave the class. At least, inside here your stupid acts won’t be entertained.”

Just then Preeti picked out the paper in which I had wrapped the icing of the pie to dump after the class is over. She rolled it out, splayed it over the Manishaa’s seat.
“Sorry sir.” All of them regretted.

“Sit down now.” Teacher’s gravel voice echoed in the room.

Manishaa perched on her seat grumpily. Our smile swelled to grin with the more she moved on her seat, the more cream was spreaded on her dress. Though there was not much icing in that paper still it was sure to be a pretty eye-catcher on her dove white tunic.

The class silently ended and we started to move out along with others like as usual just to avoid any suspicion. Manishaa was left alone there with her birdy group brooding over the accident. Preeti on my side was getting paranoid and anxious over the outcome of her plan. She thought they found out about it and stayed back there to protect Manishaa and they might wash it somehow. Finally after a long ten minutes flocked out.

We crouched behind a big pillar and peeked at them. Manishaa was walking at the trail of the group. It had a greater chance of them missing the view. For a while nothing happened. But then a whisper started to stir in the air gradually puffing up into mild titter and then a boy laughed out loud unable to cough down over the humour.

And when through the indication of hundreds of eyes, finally the girls found out about Manishaa’s view, they had nothing else than scream and sprint to loo. Preeti and I rollicked over each other gloating on the successful execution of our plan.

A voice came from behind. “Did I miss anything important?” Preeti turned back and shriek more loudly than Manishaa had. It was Maddy. 

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