Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Small Prayer

(For the first time in life I have come with a person front in the public platform. So please be with me.)
Today I am here with some bit of taunting truth and a request for prayer. NO entertaining, no enlightening speeches this time as I am helpless now. The moment the thought crosses my mind that it might be the last day of your native place, that moment every bit of wise word disappears living a abyss full of despair, dismay and loneliness and a fair so muscular that I am feeble before it.
My place, my native place. When I speak of these words, I always feel contentment inside me and a relaxation too. As if my mom came and stroked me with all her love and tenderness. But now whenever I speak of it, it feels me with a fear that j
ust after a few hours and it will be devastated to crumbles.

My native, Silk city (we affectionately call it as silk city!) is a small coastal town on the south east Odisha, adjacent to the border of Andhra Pradesh. It is a very pretty town with a nice tropical climate. Though overpopulated and most of the roads in the towns are still pretty damaged where as city election comes and goes with new majors replaced every five years, it is still a paradise. A coastal area, large spread seashore, one of the best medical facilities providing Medical College, University, numerous other college graduating students in hundreds each year, central railways station, business hub for Patto(silk) Sarees- what else do one need?

12th October 2013. It is forecasted that the cyclone with devil name, Phailin is supposed to hit the shore of east of India from Bay of Bengal on today evening in between 5 to 6 o’ clock. The cyclone is assorted as Super Cyclone category. It supposed to hit the shore of Gopalpur first and then move into the inside of Orissa leaving everything devasted behind it. Around 3 lakhs of people evacuated from their place. Right at the moment, the hurricane is just 150 kilometers away from my place and it’s supposed to hit my town within an hour.

Last time it was faced with a less terrible cyclone in 1999 which had left it ruined in many places. Countless people were lost into water and innumerable houses were wiped out. People suffered from hunger and diseases for months afterwards. Now the hurricane is double the powerful of last one and I have no idea what will happen afterwards. The flame flower tree of around 10 years is now left with its trunk only. I don’t how many more green-friends I am going to lose into this hurricane. I don’t how to face next time I go there. What would it look like?? No tree, crumbled buildings, broken roofs- why? Why? Why? My heart screams in terror.

So it’s just my final endeavor from my loving place. I have heard somewhere that someone else prays for you, then it’s regarded with great consideration. So it’s an urgent request to everyone, whoever is reading it, please pray with me.

Oh Dear Almighty, We are helpless now. We can’t do anything. We can just pray to you that please be kind with them. Please be all the people who are facing this dance of death before them. Please give them strength, give them patience and give them courage to go through all this and also let the ordeal pass through without hurting anyone, be it humans or animal. Please help these poor souls. They have no one except you. Please bless them with your love and generosity. Please. Here we pray heartily let them come out of it with a smile and courage to stand again.

Thanks to you for being with me through out the prayer. I hope our prayer will be answered positively. I hope it will be over soon and tomorrow morning will be a new start. And at last I will pray again that, Dear Supreme Creator, please be with my town and if in return you need put my life at risk as I love chaos in city more than I love my own heartbeat.


  1. Oh! Very sorry for your native place Namrata… I could understand it’s going to be a personal loss for you. I heartily wish the loss were less, that’s all we can do at this moment. My prayers with you friend

  2. Namrata I pray with you and for you... as well as every other living soul in the path of that cyclone... I need to go Google it to see if there was the great damage, I pray not, I pray it stayed far away...

  3. Prayers for those who need. Sigh.

  4. My prayers are with you and all the people who have been affected in this disaster.
    I hope everything gets back to normal as soon as possible.
    Though it wont be the same but I hope nothing like this ever happens again not here not anywhere!

    Take Care.

  5. Prayers are with you sweet girl! xoxo

  6. Aww.. You are in my prayers and I wish and hope the best for you, your people and your city. Nature is a horrendous, merciless monsters. I hope everything comes back to normal. Be strong.

  7. Namrata, your prayer has been partially answered. Thank God, the cyclone was not as severe as anticipated. There have been damages but not to the extent feared. Unlike in 1999, the State Government was well prepared. It had called the Indian Air Force to be in readiness to take up rescue operation.

    My house is in Bhubaneswar. We passed 2 days, 11th and 12th, in great fear but our troubles were less than that feared. There was disruption in power-supply, water-supply, telephone and internet connection but at the end there was relief that the situation could have been worse. Ganjam District has been worst affected. Relief and rehabilitation work is still on.


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