Saturday, October 26, 2013


(It's a prompt for Author Preeti Shenoy's blog prompt for her new book, THE ONE YOU CANNOT HAVE. So read and enjoy!!! )

He extended a hand towards me into the car and as I as placed my hand in his, in a swift movement I was in his arms. Our date wasn’t even started properly and I was already floating in air, literally. The expectation and awe was frenzying me like viral fever. It was my first date with Edward. It was first date of my whole life. I don’t date once I had told him and since then he was after me for a date till it became a bet in a challenge. Obviously he won and undoubtedly I lost it. To be honest by the end he made me so desperate to go out with him that I wanted him to win it.

He lowered down his smugly face towards me and the smell of his cologne caught me on off guard. I forgot to breath and continued to stare at him in rapture till he mouthed with a crooked smile, “Breath.”

Blood flooded to my face in shy and I looked down while he kept smiling that unearthly smile on. Cradling in his arms like a baby as he drifted into the sandy beach effortlessly and all I could think was what perfume he wore that kept me in-and-out-of-fainting all the time.

He lowered me down to the ground carefully so that I don’t stumble on the silky bed of sand. He knew my weaknesses better than me and my habits of toppling everywhere. Since childhood I have this balance problem. I should have two more legs to stabilize myself.

Before us there was a small table with two chairs on opposite sides. The table was adorned with all types food served in closed plates. I looked around and found none to a great relief. We were alone in that wide beach under an endless starry night. He held the chair behind me as I took seat and he fleeted to his place holding my hand all the time.

I looked at the food and reached out for it when he held my other hand abruptly chilling my whole body. I gave him a look which clearly conveyed the question what now?

He nodded refusing. “Wait a minute.” And then he nodded in other direction.  Beautiful music seeped into air. I stressed a bit on the tune. I knew it. It was Flightless Bird, American Mouth which was his favourite song at first but later it became dear to my heart too. He whispered the lyrics while his cold lips glided along my knuckles which were getting rosy with his kiss. I gasped more as air as emotions chocked inside me.

Though we ate one handed as he refused to leave me hand, I had the most scrumptious food of my life. I couldn’t bear but lick my finger at the end, with closed eyes savoring the taste. And when I opened my eyes, he was amusedly watching me. I sighed again in need of some more control around him.
He smiled assuredly. “Do you know why I am in love with you?”

“No.” I curtailed my reply. I really didn’t know. He was the best man ever created by the creator. No one can even match the one hundredth of him. Still he chose me. I was worse than average.

“Because you are what you are. No show off guarding, no affectation, no hiding. Small, weak, wobbling still refusing to wear any mask to hide her weakness. And interestingly Refusing to bow down on her place. Do you know how lucky I am to find you before anyone else? Do you know how long I have waited for you?” He looked into my eyes with a sly cognizance before producing a small box before.

A ring glinted in it as he opened the box. It caught my breath in middle. Is he…Oh! No! Oh! Yess..

“OH! NOoo!” I gasped in the cold air. He raised a brow in my direction. “OHHH..Yessss..” I fumbled.

He smiled with apprehension and asked, “Will you stay with me for the rest of my life and keep my heart beating with your love?”

I couldn’t answer then. Just looked at him. “Breathe” He commanded as the ring slid slowly to its perfect place in my hand. He kissed the ring on my finger at first and then proceeded to kiss me.

A sharp noise replaced the soothing music from behind. I looked around in panic. They grew so loud that my hand fled to the sides of my head protecting my ear from bursting. I closed my eyes tightly and swept my hand in air till it found a hard floor. I slapped at it hard and the noise ended with it.

I slowly opened my eyes and found myself in my room on my bed. I fell into bed again, muffling my face to the pillow. “It was a dream.” I murmured to myself. “A stupid dream.”

I looked at the poster of Edward on my cupboard. “But it was a very surreal, beautiful dream of dream date.” I flung out of bed as it was time to get ready for college.


  1. Well, they say that the dreams which come just before getting up become real.

    Nicely written, though. :)

    1. Oh..really..I would be on heaven even part of it comes true...;)

  2. Awe... I wanted it to be real for you... I wanted it to be real for me... it was enthralling...

  3. Awww..Wish I could get such dreams often:(
    Nicely written it:)


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